Christopher Reeves' Biography

Lapland Canoeing Expedition

Christopher was born in 1962 and he died in 1998. During this far too short period he lived a very full, exciting, adventurous life and achieved more than most people who live twice as long as he did.

From the moment of his birth it was clear to us all that Christopher was different; never silent, never still, always active day or night. He introduced himself into this world, in a manner very special to him, that he intended to continue, and did continue, all his life. It can truly be said that in everything he did and achieved, right from the start, “he did it his way”. He was unique. From very early childhood he was different from most of his peers. He followed his instincts and would often lead others into areas easy and natural to him but not so easy and natural for all. He wanted to climb the highest tree, swim in the coldest rivers, negotiate the most difficult routes and press the limits of play into the excitement of danger.

A few examples of his early years serve to illustrate his character.

Always in a hurry, when learning to ski in Eastern Canada at the age of six, he could not see the point of traversing the slope and putting up with cold feet in such icy conditions. Missing from his ski class at the bottom of the mountain, he was found in the chalet, boots off and warming his feet at the fire having skied directly down the slope at what must have been some speed. He had, he said, achieved the apparent objective of getting to the bottom and, doing it his way, he had also got his feet warm without any loss of time. At about the same age, still in Canada, having accumulated some pocket money, he disappeared. After a thorough and worrying search he was found sitting comfortably at the counter of a snack bar happily chatting to the staff and finishing a hamburger. He had noticed the place some time before and when he had collected enough money he saw no point in asking to be taken and risk refusal or delay. Who needed help anyway? He knew what he wanted, as always, he had the money and he had noted in advance the place to take it.

At the age of four, when travelling to Canada by sea, he had to be put on a lead, much to the amusement of other passengers, as he could not sit still and insisted on rushing from one side of the ship to the other and climbing the rails. Obedience to orders to stop could not safely be relied upon.

Later in life Christopher was never happier than when travelling and exploring, meeting people of all ages and nationality and playing with animals. Children, adults, animals – he was totally natural with all of them with or without their language. He was popular with most as he would communicate at their level, high or low, and his enthusiasm, as well as his charisma, was very attractive..

By the age of twenty five, Christopher had travelled to every continent of the world. In his earlier years he had lived in Canada, Malta and Turkey and had travelled to and from those countries alone, at a very young age only under the supervision of the airlines responsible. At eighteen, he hitch-hiked around the United States, worked on the barges of the Mississipi and assisted with security at the Houston Super Dome. Next he travelled the circumference of Australia after working in Perth to finance the old car he travelled and lived in when doing so. He returned to England overland, including by bus through Iran when foreigners were not welcome and when expressly advised by Iranian friends not to do so. (The Andes with Jerry, Nubian desert with Pete, Himalayan Marathon, Yukon, Arctic Circle/Lapland.)

Christopher was a happy and loving husband, an affectionate and loyal father, a cherished son; a young man with a warm and endearing personality who attracted friends of all ages and walks of life. He was much respected for what he achieved and will be remembered by all with love and pride. The only consolation for his untimely loss is that he died at the peak of his acievements doing what he loved best and what he was best at. He stamped his mark on the world and will never be forgotten.

Peter Reeves
Christopher's Father

Christopher and Peter Reeves

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